​​We are always recruiting singers to join us at the beginning of our show season, usually August to September. Practices are on Sunday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm. We do require monthly dues which cover the expenses of paying a contract director and rental space to practice. Interested in visiting? Send us a message on our Facebook page and we will get back to you (click the link below:)

   Facebook:Showtime Singers of Atlanta

Showtime Singers of Atlanta is a group of adults who love to sing. The group works with an Artistic Director to provide in the Atlanta communities, shows centered around American music. The range of tunes covers many decades such as Cole Porter, George Gerschwin, Marvin Gaye, the Beatles, Simon and

Garfunkle, and many more.

​​​Showtime Singers of Atlanta, Inc.

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Showtime Singers of Atlanta, Inc.

Youtube Links: ​        Bridge Over Troubled Water

       Big Spender

                                                           Heart to Heart Concert 2012